How do you organize meetings?

Whenever I organize meetings I can’t help thinking something is broken.

It’s not simple enough.

Either the tools I know do not support the process well, it’s the people who make it more difficult than necessary, or both.

People (incl. availability) + time + location is all it takes. Truth is, the algorithm behind this is not that simple at all. But the problem is not a new one either.

How do you handle this?

4 thoughts on “How do you organize meetings?

  1. Yeah. It sure does help. Then again, my usual cases fit into your “downsides” 🙂 Cross-unit, cross-division etc. I’d love to see it hassle-free, at least from the technical side.Cheers, Paweł!


  2. Hello K. :-)I loved the presentation. Thanks! Already shared it with some of my colleagues at work. It talks more about the soft aspects of running a meeting. Additionally, my ambition would be to make it easier technically (as in using tools to help people and resources arrive in one place, at a given moment in time).I’ll treat this entry as a “placeholder” for further research.Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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